Monday, March 19, 2012



I’m Kippy Berryfoote, and I hope you really enjoyed reading about me and my first adventure.

I was frightened to go to the castle to see our King and Queen, but I knew I just had to go to tell them what I was thinking, and what they must do.

Imagine me, at 8 years old - about to be 9 in one week - asking our nice King and Queen to have a party to celebrate how different all of us really are.  Well I did!  To my surprise, our very nice King and Queen realized that if we join together to celebrate our differences, something good and very special would happen: My dream would come true and there would be a brilliant and new way of life for all of us in the Land of Berryfoote!

Here is a bit about what happens in my next adventure:

I'm returning home from the castle when I meet my cousins Ethan, Emma, and their young brother Dylan.  While I won't tell them everything that just happened when I met with King and Queen Berryfoote, and Master Hastings, I will tell them something very special is about to occur.  Ethan, who is very stubborn, wants me to tell him everything right now but, it's my secret!

So, I would really like you tell me how you feel after reading my first story, "Suppose I Am Myself."  Then, add a note about what you think should happen in my next storybook adventure.

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